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Gardening Tools


All you need to care for your plants

You don't need lots of fancy tools to take care of your garden, but there are some things you simply can't do without ... so we stock good quality tools to plant, weed and maintain your precious plants; watering cans in all shapes and sizes; fertilisers,

feeds and pest control to keep everything healthy ... and pretty much everything else you might want.


Display of stone ornaments in the sunshine

Planters, troughs, bird baths, animals, dragons, sundials, benches and even some handsome gargoyles. 

Stone Ornaments

Row of pink mugs on a shelf

An eclectic mix of gifts from gardener's soap and decorative plant markers to some weird and wonderful vases and pots.


Pair of forged secateurs

Quality tools, equipment and products to care for your plants and maintain your outdoor spaces. 

Tools & Equipment

Wild birds flying around a feeder

Bird food, tables, bird baths and lots of different feeders to suit all budgets. 

Bird care

Colourful artificial flowers

It's hard to tell the difference between our silk flowers and the real thing!

Artificial Flowers

Metal hanging mobile with bee decoration

Obelisks, arches, fencing, hanging baskets, brackets, plant supports, cute little animals, plant pot holders, plant stands ...


Vegetable seeds hanging up
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